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Third front story

Schedule creation and editing is a simple task with TheTakes.

Second front-page history

Every crew member feels at home with TheTakes.

First front story


TheTakes really helps small teams to accomplish tasks meant to big ones. It took me minutes instead of hours to prepare and send all the call sheets.

Sergey Safonov
First Assistant Director

While filming a commercial for Severstal we could significantly decrease force-majeures and enhance control over a crew.

Alexander Danilov
Creative Producer at FilmWay

We managed to meet the deadline and even the budget, almost. Although we got some serious troubles with the location manager, TheTakes worked great.

Kirill Modylevsky
Director & Screenwriter

We used TheTakes on filming "Not a Fairytale" feature film on a remote location. Despite of pretty harsh conditions of an expedition and actors busyness, system helped us to adjust to all issues.

Alexey Khruslov
CEO & Director

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Jymmi video description

Jimmy is a film producer. He is one of those big shots.
Before he converted to TheTakes cult, all the fuss and nonsense used to drive him bananas when he prepared, planned, and shot.
Watch closely. Perhaps, it’ll remind you of something familiar: